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Christian Spirituality at St. Peter's

At St. Peter's spirituality is about the development of a sense of self, of soul, personality and character.


New for Autumn 2021 - Introduction of WOWS, OWS and NOWS!



The Bible talks about how God creates everyone in His own image.  

'We are the clay, and you are the potter; we are all the work of Your hands' Isaiah 64:8.


Sometimes pots can crack or break.  Sometimes things happen that make us feel cracked or changed.


Christians believe that whatever happens to them in life, God is with them.  God can mend gaps and put every one back together, like golden glue.


The cracks are created by WOW, OW and NOW moments in life.


These are the awe and wonder moments.  The times when you want to breathe in and capture the feeling, holding onto it as long as you can. 




These are the blows life can bring.  They can knock the breath out of you.





These are the every day ordinary times: being able to be present in the moment, being open and receptive to life, because God is not just for emergencies!


During the Autumn Term we will share and develop this shared language with St. Peter's community so that we are able to understand and communicate our own spiritual journey of life. 

New for 2021/22 - Global Neighbours Scheme

Global Neighbours provides a framework for thinking about global citizenship education in schools. Using the curriculum and collective worship a global perspective will support in helping our children to become active global citizens.


The Global Neigbour Scheme aims to increase our children's understanding of the root causes of poverty and injustice, as well as engage and empower them as agents of change in the transformation of our world.


Being part of this scheme will support St. Peter's in our Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) provision, strengthen the promotion of fundamental British values, promote critical thinking across the curriculum, and strengthen links with the local community.


Global Neighbours can also enhance our teaching of Religious Education by increasing pupils’ knowledge and understanding about why and how Christians, along with people of other faiths and those of no faith, want to change the world to one where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty.


By helping our children to claim their voice as global citizens, participation in the scheme will support us to develop and showcase our work in helping our children to become active global citizens and courageous advocates for change in the world, from a local to global level.


Global Neighbours Handbook

We look forward to seeing you back in school on Wednesday 5th January 2022.