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School Improvement Board

Governance at Rivers CofE Academy Trust: Moving Forward 


During the last eighteen months, Rivers conducted its first external review of governance since the trust was established in 2014. The review was commissioned because trustees and school improvement boards recognised that the governance needs of the trust have changed as a result of its rapid growth over the last five years. Nationally, multi-academy trusts are recognising that trust governance needs to evolve as trusts develop and grow and many are now looking to implement new governance structures. Rivers is committed to being a leader and champion of innovative and sector-leading governance practice. 


Historically, the trust’s local governance has been provided through local governing bodies and, more recently, school improvement boards. The new structure will create advocate roles at local level to replace the existing school improvement boards. The aim of the proposed new governance structure is to define clearly the roles and responsibilities of the different governance tiers to avoid duplication, to strengthen communication between governance tiers and to maximise the use of the skills, knowledge and expertise of everyone within the governance team in order to ensure impactful governance across the trust. The new structure will ensure that pupils remain at the core of all decision-making. Trustees recognise the importance of the local voice and are committed to ensuring that the local tier contributes to the development of organisational thinking. Importantly, the election of two parent representatives per school will ensure that the voice of parents/carers will contribute to decisions made at trust board level. 


Please do not hesitate to contact Kate Brunt, CEO of Rivers CofE Academy Trust, if you have any further questions or comments about our proposed new governance structure:  

School Improvement Board


The School Improvement Board (SIB) of St. Peter's actively runs the school with the Headteacher and the staff. Together, they determine the strategic direction, policies and practice of the school and monitor standards and achievement.


They meet five times a year as a full board and receive a report from the Headteacher.  They ask questions, debate issues and make decisions.  They act as a critical friend to the school.  In between the full SIB meetings the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Development (SMSCD) Committee and working parties set up to focus on key areas meet.  This is a large first school and there is always a lot of business to deal with.


For full details on the remit of the School Improvement Board, please see the Scheme of Delegation and the Terms of Reference which are published on the Rivers Multi Academy Trust site here.  For further information on governance at Rivers Multi Academy Trust are available here.


Please contact Gail Hodnett, Clerk to the School Improvement Board to view minutes for governance meetings.  Please note, items marked confidential are not for public view.


Who are the Members at St. Peter’s?


Type of Member

Neil Pyper

Chair of SIB, Community Member

Jill Wheeler

Vice Chair of SIB, Church Community Member

Katie Donaldson

Parent Member

Laura Handy

Church Community Member

Natasha HineParent Member

Helen Keen

Staff Member

Lucy Mills

Deputy Headteacher, Associate Member

Tracey O'Keeffe-Pullan

Headteacher, Board Appointed Member

Ramanjeet SangheraCommunity Member

Hayley Watson

Staff Member

Gail Hodnett

Clerk to the SIB


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