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Starting school is an exciting step for you and your child.  To guide you through the admissions process, please find below a link to Worcestershire County Council School Admissions and you can also call the school office on 01905 772138 for support.


New Starters September 2024 - You are required to submit an online Local Authority admissions application form by 15th January 2024. For St Peter's Droitwich C of E Academy, as well as submitting an online application to Worcestershire County Council, you are also required to complete the school's Supplementary Sorting Form.  Copies are available from the school office or can be printed below for completion and return to the school.


Visit admissions to make your application or telephone School Admissions on 01905 822700 if you need assistance.

Appeals (following offer of EYFS school places for September 2024)


Following the offer of EYFS school places on 16th April 2024, if you have not been offered your preferred school and feel that you have grounds to appeal, there is an appeals process that can be followed.  Below is a document produced by Worcestershire Children First regarding the Appeals Process - School Admissions Waiting List and Appeals Leaflet, which provides full details on the appeals process.


Firstly - to ensure that your child has a place at a school, it is strongly recommended that you accept the school place that you have been offered.  This will not jeopardise any future action you may take in seeking a place at an alternative school but will ensure that your child has a place at a school for the start of the new academic year.


Waiting List - If applicants who have been unsuccessful wish, they may have their names put on the waiting list held in school in case further places become available. Pupils will be admitted from the waiting list according to their admissions criteria at the time the place becomes available. Therefore new applicants may receive a higher ranking than those who may have been on the list for some time if they have a higher priority in the admissions criteria (eg “Catchment” will rank higher than “Distance”). The waiting list will be maintained until 31 December 2024.  If you would like your child to be added to the waiting list, please email the school office with your request. Your child will be added to the waiting list according to the details you submitted with your original application.  If these have changed (eg house move, contact numbers, etc), please include updated information within your email request.


Appeals –  If you wish to appeal for an Academy, Free, Foundation or Voluntary Aided school, then the appeal must be documented, including your full case and sent directly to the school, by 15th May 2024.  Please note, Appeals Panels are severely restricted when considering cases.  Under Infant Class Size Legislation for Reception/EYFS intake, there are severe restrictions in place that limit the maximum number of pupils in a class to 30.  Exceptional circumstances or an error within the admissions process are considered areas for appeal.  Therefore, you should think carefully about whether or not you wish to lodge an appeal where those restrictions apply.  If you wish to proceed with an appeal, you will need to complete and return the  Admission Appeal Request Form below which will ask you to provide a full statement on the grounds upon which the appeal is being made and this will need to be submitted to the school by 15th May 2024.

In-Year Transfers

If transferring schools, applications should be sent to School Admissions at the Local Authority using a CA1 Form (see link below). The application form for an in-year transfer to a Worcestershire school is an editable form so you can complete it and save it on your own device and then return it to School Admissions via online application or email to


You also need to arrange for an education history form (Word) to be completed by your child’s current or most recent school. The education history form can then be uploaded with your online application. More information on in-year applications can be found in the existing year groups booklet for parents/carers.


St. Peter's has an additional admissions application form called a Supplementary Sorting Form which MUST be completed and returned to the school office.  An electronic version of the form can be found below, or hard copies are available from the school office.


If you wish to visit the school prior to making an application, please contact the school office by email at spoffice@rivers or by telephone on 01905 772138. 


The following link provides up-to-date information and the application process Apply for a school place | Worcestershire County Council

Admissions criteria - Full details of our admissions criteria are detailed with the Admissions Policy available below.  Where there are more applications than places available, the school will admit pupils according to the admissions criteria in order of priority.


Appeals - In the event of applicants not being admitted to the school, they may submit an appeal in writing, setting out the grounds on which the appeal is made, to the school within 20 school days of the date of notification of the refusal of a place.  Reasonable deadlines will be set for those making an appeal to submit any additional evidence. Those making an appeal will receive at least 10 school days notice for their appeal hearing. The appeal will be heard by an independent appeal panel and decision letters are sent within 5 school days of the hearing when possible.




St. Peter's has an additional admissions application form which MUST be completed and returned to the school office.

We are aware that the catchment map provided by Worcestershire County Council does not include the recent new build developments  near the school. For specific catchment area information relating to your postcode we would encourage you to  search on the Worcestershire Children's First website Find a school | Worcestershire County Council



Love, Learn, Live