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PE and Sport Premium

Here at St Peter's we believe in opportunity and participation for all.  We feel that PE plays a crucial role in helping us to fulfil our belief and we have been using the success of recent year groups in order to inspire others to participate in a number of sporting events and activities.


As an established member of a Multi Academy Trust, PE is at the forefront of not only St Peter's but throughout all schools within the Trust.


We have worked extremely hard to develop our PE through curriculum.  This is to ensure that progression happens not only throughout each topic of the academic year, but over the five years of PE that each child will receive throughout their time at St Peter's.


Our main goal is to maximise the time spent on participation, we were able to achieve this through:

  • Monitoring and maintaining sports equipment 
  • Creating opportunities for competitive sport
  • Offering CPD and high quality planning to increase staff knowledge/confidence


As a school, we are always looking at ways to increase sports participation including the use of new equipment and introducing new activities.  We are also always willing to take the time to listen to and meet with organisations.  We offer engaging and exciting after school clubs.  Football, judo and golf are run by local, outside agencies within school throughout the academic year.  These clubs are offered to both boys and girls in year groups One to Four.  Tennis is also an option and is held at the local tennis club, opposite the school.  Children in EYFS Foundation Stage have the opportunity to participate in a competitive sports day and multi-skills events.


As PE Co-Ordinator, I have spent a lot of time working with and observing colleagues in order to help with planning and have passed on examples  of good practice during staff meetings.  This, in turn, has helped to increase the confidence of all members of staff and has helped to promote a positive ethos around school.


The planned tournaments are memorable days for some children as they get to compete in different environments, use a wider range of resources and compete against different groups/schools.  As a school, we have been successful in winning both football and swimming medals and also managed to reach the finals of the Worcester schools cricket, hockey and tennis festivals.  Our greatest achievement was winning gold in the Summer Games Tennis and Cricket tournaments beating all of the winners across the county.  By entering local festivals, promoting internal success and working in partnership with other schools, we feel that parents can witness the enthusiasm their children have for PE which, as a result, increases the chances of children joining clubs outside of school time.  Therefore, the chances of our children becoming more talented, active and healthy will be enhanced.


Anthony Wood

PE Co-Ordinator

June 2023

St. Peter's are in receipt of PE and sport premium funding. The reports below explain the following information:


  • how much PE and sport premium funding we have received for each academic year
  • a full breakdown of how we have spent or will spend the funding this year
  • the effect of the premium on pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment
  • how we will make sure these improvements are sustainable
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