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Our Curriculum Vision:

Children are at the heart of all we do.  We are all passionate about ensuring our children achieve the best outcomes and develop a love of learning which lasts a lifetime.

We share a culture of collaboration and our team of highly skills staff work passionately to create inspiring learning opportunities and improve life chances for all.

Our aim is to ensure that each and every child leaves us fulfilling their maximum potential and ready for the next stage of their learning.  We remain committed to ensuring that our pupils value education and become lifelong learners.

Our vision statement is to teach children to love, learn, live as a global citizen in an ever-changing world as encapsulated in our vision "Love, Learn, Live".


A Curriculum focused on sustainability:

As we teach our pupils to love, learn and live as global citizens in an ever-changing world we know there will be many challenges ahead.  Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time which impacts on all living things.  Due to inequalities, global health issues, more frequent and intense natural disasters, natural resource depletion, increase in  global temperatures and sea levels rising, we are now at a pivotal point.  The survival of many living things and biological support systems of the planet are at risk.  We have to act now.


We are committed to working together to educate out pupils about the importance of achieving the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).  We will do this through our curriculum which we will deliver and drive key messages about each of our chosen areas.


There are 6 key elements of learning within our curriculum founded on sustainability goals.  These elements are key attributes and skills which we aim to instill in our pupils:


The 6 elements and key actions are:

Knowledge - To know more, remember more and be able to do more for the benefit of humanity and the planet.

Equality - To know that everyone's human rights should be protected and respected.

Innovation - To look at things in different ways and find solutions when faced with a challenge.

Legacy - To learn from the past in order to protect our planet now and in the future.

Partnership - To know that greater change can happen when we work together.

Sustainability - To promote the careful use of resources so that they are available in the future.


Our curriculum helps our children to develop the skills and knowledge they need for their future lives as architects, engineers, designers, artists and teachers of the future.


Creating a culture for our vision to succeed


Our STARS values are the characteristics and behaviours we all share, helping to create a strong culture across the Trust.  Our shared values help staff and pupils focus on making the right decisions, strive for high standards and help us fulfil our vision to love, learn, live.

Our STARS values:

  • Sharing
  • Trust
  • Achievement
  • Respect
  • Safety

Here at St. Peter’s we aim to provide a curriculum which is memorable and inspiring and allows our children to develop their talents whilst preparing them for a life of learning.


Our curriculum is delivered through a range of different topics during the academic year. These topics fulfill the requirements of the National Curriculum and every opportunity is taken to apply the basic skills of Literacy, Numeracy and Computing.


We are fortunate to have a rich heritage in our local environment and take every opportunity to utilise the local town and park to supplement our learning.


Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Development (SMSCD) is a strong theme throughout our curriculum and it is important that children are taught to be caring, polite and responsible citizens understanding British Values


St Peter’s is committed to providing an environment that enables full curriculum access that values and includes all pupils, staff, parents and visitors regardless of their education, physical, sensory, social, spiritual, emotional and cultural needs.  Full details of our approach can be found  under the Key Information, Equality Objectives page on our website. 


Our curriculum is designed to encourage the children to explore and investigate. This ensures that the children have some ownership about what they are learning and enables them to steer the learning in a direction which interests them.  

Design Technology Overview and Progression Framework

English Overview

Mathematics Overview

Phonics Overview

PHSE Overview

Physical Education Progression Framework

Religious Education Overview and Syllabus

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Enriched and wider curriculum

Sporting Achievements
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