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Curriculum Vision

Curriculum Wheel

The Curriculum Wheel

United Nations Sustainability Goals

The UN Sustainability Goals are threaded throughout subjects to provide a context for teaching and help children to understand how they can develop as global citizens. 



We teach all subjects from the National Curriculum. English and Maths are taught daily with a focus of basic skills taught throughout the curriculum. We use Rising Stars as a scheme, adapted to plan and deliver Maths. Floppy’s Phonics is used to support the delivery of phonics and early reading. Spelling is taught using ‘No Nonsense’ and handwriting is taught using ‘Letter Join’. Writing is taught through quality texts, planned and delivered by our teachers.  Religious Education lessons are based upon the Church of England teaching expectations and planned using Understanding Christianity and the Worcestershire syllabus.


All other subjects are taught either weekly, fortnightly or as a half term block (year group specific).

Our sequences are rich with knowledge and provide pupils with opportunities to retrieve, practise and apply their disciplinary and substantive knowledge.  


Although subjects are taught discretely, we seek to make connections between subjects and across the curriculum. Our Curriculum is sequential in its organisation, where themes are revisited annually or biennially.


The content for sequences is carefully chosen to reflect the pupil’s interests and their lived experiences understanding their place in the world.  We seek to make concepts meaningful and purposeful and less abstract when required.

Our curriculum creates a blend of meaningful memorable moments and learning hooks alongside the essential substantive knowledge.  Teachers skillfully plan opportunities to create hands-on learning experiences.


Our curriculum is inclusive to all pupils.  Teachers work to adapt the learning in the planning stage and through responsive teaching during the lesson.  Pre-teaching is a strategy used to support learning as is involving parents/carers through the use of the digital learning platform, ‘Seesaw’.


Staff celebrate achievements outside of school through ‘Chance to Shine’ and events such as St Peter’s Got Talent.


A range of extra- curricular clubs are available throughout the school year, ranging from paid clubs, provided by specialist teachers and coaches to free clubs, provided by St Peter’s staff, enabling all to have the opportunity to attend.


Our curriculum extends beyond the academic encompassing our Christian Values, teaching us how to live as responsible citizens. We are also committed to the ‘Rivers Experience’ document. This sets out carefully planned opportunities that provide our pupils with a range of experiences that will support life beyond the classroom.


The development of pupil’s spirituality using NOWS, OWS and WOWs is a strategy used to support children’s mental health and wellbeing.   

Yearly Overviews of Foundation Subjects

Religious Education Overview and Syllabus

Click here to read the Religious Education Policy.

Marking and Feedback Arrangements

Should you require any further information on the curriculum, please contact your child's class teacher or visit the following link to the National Curriculum on the DfE website.

Love, Learn, Live