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The Story of Easter - The Triumphal Entry

This story tells us about how Jesus came into the city not as a mighty king but with humility.

The Story of Easter - The Last Supper

Find out about what happened at Jesus' last meal that he shared with his disciples. He did something that happens in all churches around the world so that Christians can remember what he did.

The Story of Easter - Jesus Washes His Disciples' Feet

Jesus demonstrated to his disciples that he was a servant to all and asked them to follow his example.

The Story of Easter - Jesus Prays

Jesus prayed for everyone that they would care, share and tell the truth.

Jesus Forgives Peter - John 18

Peter denied Jesus 3 times, but he was forgiven because Jesus is merciful.

The Story of Easter - Jesus' Sacrifice

Jesus made a very big sacrifice.

The Road to Emmaus - Luke 24

Jesus appears after the Resurrection.

Jesus Appears to Thomas - John 20

Jesus said, 'Blessed are those who believe without seeing'.

Jesus' Ascension

This story focuses on Jesus' ascension after his resurrection and the message that he gave to his disciples right before he was taken to heaven.

God Sends the Holy Spirit - Acts 2

God sent the Holy Spirit to help the disciples to spread the Good News.

Love, Learn, Live