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Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice - Safeguarding Monitoring Visit

Pupil Voice Focus

Safeguarding and wellbeing

Feeling safe in school

Adults to talk to


Pupils' Responses 

The pupils spoke confidently about what is expected of them – this was all around how they treat each other. The explained the 3 golden rules: We care, we share, we tell the truth. The talked about being respectful to everyone, being kind and caring and making good choices. One child said it was about living your lives the way you should.


The children felt safe in school – they could talk to their teachers or carers in school. ‘Teachers always listen’

There were many examples of where they felt valued and listened to, the Jam group – where they could share ideas including for collective worship. There were also roles within the school council, eco council, sports council etc. They felt you would always get your chance to be involved.


They children said that sometimes children fall out – they explained that it was ok to fall out and after you forgive.

When asked about behaviour – the children thought that the behaviour gets better as pupils get older. This could be as they are looked up to as role models. On a tour of the school behaviour was good with the younger children demonstrating good learning behaviours and moving around the school sensibly.


They all enjoy school ‘a lot!’ They like learning new things, getting to know new people and seeing their friends. They like having responsibilities. One pupil commented that the teachers are the best part.

The children feel that they are treated fairly – everyone getting a chance to do something/have opportunities.


The children explained the fire drill procedure and the emergency drill.


Suggestions on what the pupils would change were:

Behaviour in Reception (because they are quite noisy in the lunch hall)

Learning a variety of different languages

Would like to stay in school longer – not leaving at the end of Year 4.


What do you understand about God's Rescue Plan? 


"All about when Jesus died."

"It was to take all the bad and sin away."

"To rescue the world."

"Jesus came back alive again."



"Jesus had to die on the cross so we can have a happy life." Year 1

"People were being unkind so Jesus came down to Earth to help people make the right choices." Year 1

"Jesus taught people humility and being humble." Year 2 

"Jesus was born, forgave sins, died and rose again." Year 2

"Jesus was sent to save us." Year 1



"God sent Jesus down to help the world be a better place." Year 4

"It worked when Jesus died on the cross and wiped out all sin." Year 3

"Jesus died so we can start again." Year 4 

"Jesus sacrificed himself for the people." Year 4 

"Jesus died on the cross to help mend the broken relationship between God and people." Year 3 


What were Jesus' Ow, Now and Wow moments during the Holy Week? 


"When Jesus had the crown of thorns on his head." 

"Some mean soldiers nailed him on the cross."

"When his friend betrayed him." 

"Seeing people upset about the situation." 

"When he was sentenced to death for something he had not done." 



"The Last Supper - he spent time with his friends."

"Washing his friends' feet to teach humility." 

"Praying to God in the wilderness." 



"Palm Sunday - Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey and people cheering for him." 

"When he rose again. It was a miracle!" 

"Explaining his predictions to his disciples." 

"When Jesus resurrected on Easter Sunday." 


How has the Nod to God prayer helped you make the right choices? 

"Thanking God for a nice day." EYFS 

"It makes me forget the bad things I've done when I say sorry and that makes me happy." Year 1 

"It helps me stop and think about my choices." Year 1 

"It helps me to be kind to others." Year 2 

"I have been nicer to my friends." Year 2 

"I can be truthful especially if I need to say sorry." Year 2 

"It helps me reflect." Year 3 

"It makes me feel closer to God and being close to God means making good choices." Year 3 

"It helps me learn from my mistakes and gives me hope." Year 4 


Autumn 2 

Christianity believes that the Ultimate Gift of Christmas was the birth of Jesus. 

Why was Jesus born?

"Jesus was part of the rescue plan."

"He needed to teach people to care, share and tell the truth."

"To bring good news."

"Jesus showed everyone what love and respect means."

"People were being unkind so God decided to come to Earth in human form so he sent Jesus."

"To share God's love with people."


Showing generosity does not only mean giving someone presents. 

What other ways can we show generosity? 

"Donating toys to people who don't have any."

"Lending a helping hand."

"Simple acts of kindness e.g. playing with someone who is lonely."

"Giving someone your time." 

"Sharing and caring." 

"To think about others before yourself." 

"Spreading joy and goodness." 


Autumn 1

What do the words LOVE LEARN LIVE mean to us at St. Peter's?

"God/Jesus loves us so we can care for each other, we go to school to learn as a community so we live our best lives." Year 3

"They are important for a good life." Year 2

"We will be God's friends and he will look after us forever." Year 2

"If we follow this, we can live the best lives." Year 2

It's about us and Jesus...we love him, we learn from him and live with him." Year 4

"St Peter loved Jesus and learnt from him to live the best life...we are just like St Peter." Year 2

"It means there is friendship all around us." EYFS

"It makes us special." EYFS

"Love is we care about each other at school and look out for one another, learn is we share our knowledge to be the best that we can be and live a happy life." Year 4

"We are loved so we can love other people, we learn from other people and all the books at school.  We learn from our mistakes so we can live the best life possible." Year 2 


Why do we use the Parable of the Two Houses at St. Peter's?

"To show us right choices and wrong choices. To learn from the foolish mistakes and turn them into good choices." Year 2

"To build on God's love and respect - God's rules." Year 4

"To lead  your life the right way." Year 4

"Because it's in the Bible." EYFS

"Learn to be like the wise man." Year 2


We all know our Golden Rules.  What Christian Values link to our Golden Rules and can you think about any of the other values we talk about at school?

"We care - compassion, we share - generosity, we tell the truth - truthfullness" All years


Other Christian Values the children listed - Justice, Respect, Hope, Perseverance, Community, Service, Forgiveness (EYFS - know we have to say sorry), Wisdom, Dignity, Peace, Courage.


Collective Worship is an important time of the day at St Peter's.  Why?

" To celebrate Jesus."

"To worship in our own ways."

"To feel part of a community."

"To give thanks."

"A chance to talk to God."

"To calm down and relax."

"To learn from each other."

"It's a time to come together as a family."

"To learn form the Bible."



"To learn."

"To see lots of teachers."

"Singing is important."

"Practise sitting nicely."

"So we're not lonely."

"So we can see all of our friends."

"It's good to be together."



"To be calm, worship God, feel safe, see everyone and reflect."

"To learn about God together."

"To pray together."

"To be social."



What to you enjoy about Collective Worship?  What could make it even better?

Things we like...


"The fact that we can pray and contact God."

"Listening to stories."

"Meeting up together."

"Learning new themes."

"Playing games like scratch."

"It's calm time."


"iSingPOP day."

"Learning British Sign Language."

"Learning different types of prayers."

"Getting certificates and awards."


To improve...

"More pictures to look at and video clips."

"iSingPOP to visit school."

"More scratch and other games!"

"More open conversation."

"Messy church activities."

"Art in the classroom."

"Write our own prayers."

"Pair up Year 3 and 4 JAM and Year 1 and 2 JAM."

"Learn songs like pop songs with a moral meaning and learn the sign for them."







We care, we share, we tell the truth.