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Vision and Values

St. Peter’s Vision 

Love Learn Live


We follow Jesus’ example by valuing and cherishing all God’s children in an ever-changing world.  We are loved so we can love, we learn so we can grow and therefore live our lives to the full, flourishing in the eyes of God today and in the future.    



How to Sign the Word Love

How to Sign the Word Learn

How to Sign the Word Live

St. Peter was loved by Jesus

St. Peter learned from Jesus through what he said and did

So St. Peter could be the best that he could be, living his life, flourishing in the eyes of God.


We are just like St. Peter....

We are loved by Jesus and our family and friends

We learn through stories from the bible and each other to care, share and tell the truth

So that we too can be the best that we can be, living our life, flourishing in the eyes of God.

St. Peter's School

St Peter's is part of The Rivers Church of England Multi Academy Trust. The Trust is made up of Church schools and Community Schools. Our Vision of Love, Learn, Live is shared by all schools, with the wording adapted to reflect the ethos and distinctiveness of the schools.


At St Peter's we welcome children and families who hold Christian beliefs, those who follow religions other than Christianity and those who do not follow any religion. We pride ourselves on being a fully inclusive school and community. 


As a church school, our worship is based around Christianity, however our worship is always invitational, meaning that children and adults are welcome to join prayers or take time for contemplation and reflection.


When we talk about the Christian belief of being loved as God's children, we also reference being loved by our parents/carers and significant people in our lives. When we talk about learning from the teachings of Jesus, we also reference learning from each other and the important people with whom we connect and share experiences.

St. Peter's Values - 3 Golden Rules

We care

We share

We tell the truth


We Care – “Love one another as I have loved you.” (John 13:34)

Through showing COMPASSION to ourselves and others, our community will grow in strength.


We Share “God loves a cheerful giver.” (2 Corinthians 9.7)

Through showing GENEROSITY to ourselves and others, our community will become active citizens making a positive difference to society.


We Tell the Truth “My God is my strength in whom I trust.” (Psalm 18.2)

Through being TRUTHFUL and showing TRUST to ourselves and others, our community will support each other in good times and the bad.


We live out our Golden Rules understanding the need to FORGIVE and ask for FORGIVENESS if we make the wrong choices.


This is our Golden Rule mural designed and produced by Rosie Philpott.

Jesus was supported in his ministry by his twelve disciples, including St. Peter.  He taught them how to make wise choices to help them to spread the Good News


At St. Peter’s, just like the twelve disciples, we follow Jesus’ words spoken in the Parable of the Two Houses where we try to be like the wise man and follow our Golden Rules; We Care, We Share, We Tell the Truth throughout each day. 

Matthew Chapter 7
Jesus said, “Do what I tell you and you will be like the wise man. For the things I say are true, solid as any rock and you can build your life upon them”


The Parable of the Two Houses

Still image for this video

To watch a Saddleback Kids cartoon of the Parable of the Two Houses click here.

Visualising Our Vision and Values

Home Learning Collective Worship

Stained Glass Window

It had been over a year ago when we created our own illustrations for the Parable of the Two Houses and shared them with a local artist, Rosie Philpott. She was finally able to come into school once all the restrictions had been lifted to work with us to produce our new stained-glass window. You can now see this on display in the front entrance of our school. 

Love, Learn, Live