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Collective Worship Focus 2021-22

Daily Act of Worship

At St Peter's we join together daily as a community.  This currently takes place via TEAMS but we usually meet together in the hall.

Our Collective Worship is usually split into four sections;

- Welcome

- Learning

- Reflecting

- Responding


We will prepare the alter table and light either a single candle or three candles representing the Trinity signaling the start of worship.  


We will share the bible story linked to the Christian Value either through reading from the Lion Storytellers Bible, using a playscript, modern story, poem, artwork, artifacts or video.


This is where we have the opportunity to take time to consider how what we have heard, seen or felt has made us think.  This is sometimes a quite time of stillness and meditation giving the chance to pause in a very hectic day.  Short discussions take place or games such as scratch are played to make us all think a little harder rather than accepting the first thought that pops into our head. 


Questions or scenarios are posed where we think about our own lives and the decisions that we make on a daily basis.  Do we make wise decisions? 

St. Peter's School

St. Peter's is part of The Rivers Church of England Multi Academy Trust. The Trust is made up of Church schools and Community Schools. Our Vision of Love, Learn, Live is shared by all schools, with the wording adapted to reflect the ethos and distinctiveness of the schools.


At St. Peter's we welcome children and families who hold Christian beliefs, those who follow religions other than Christianity and those who do not follow any religion. We pride ourselves on being a fully inclusive school and community. 


As a church school, our worship is based around Christianity, however our worship is always invitational, meaning that children and adults are welcome to join prayers or take time for contemplation and reflection.


When we talk about the Christian belief of being loved as God's children, we also reference being loved by our parents/carers and significant people in our lives. When we talk about learning from the teachings of Jesus, we also reference learning from each other and the important people with whom we connect and share experiences.


For information regarding the right to withdraw from Collective Worship click here.


Collective Worship Organisation  
Monday - Introduction of the Theme
Tuesday - Musical Praise
Wednesday - Development of the theme as whole school or class groups
Thursday - Classroom Worship iSingPOP Value 
Friday - Celebration OR Class Led Worship


Autumn 1 2021 - Love Learn Live

Week 1 - Welcome Back 

How to stay safe - focussing on the behaviour/anti-bullying policies and emergency drills.

Remember it is GOOD to be on GREEN!

Week 2 - What are the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Introduction to the UN Goals that drive St. Peter's curriculum.

Prayer - Why do we pray?


What does our vision mean to us at St. Peter's?  

We are loved by Jesus and our family and friends

We learn from stories from the bible and from each other to Care, Share and Tell the Truth

So we can live our lives to the full and be the best that we can be.

Parable of the Two Houses - JAM Group Worship

Week 4 - Rivers Stars linked to our Christian Values

How do we use the Rivers Stars at St. Peters? 

Do we try and act on the STARS every day? 

Week 5 - How does our vision of Love, Learn, Live support us in our attitude towards our school work and homework?

Story of Jesus and the children - who flourish in the eyes of God.

At St. Peter's we aim to be independent, focused, a creative thinker and to always try our best.

Harvest preparations

How does our vision of Love, Learn, Live support community work and organisations like the Droitwich Food Bank?

Week 6 - World Mental Health Week

How do we keep our minds healthy? 5 ways of wellbeing focus


Week 7 - Whole school and class Collective Worship Evaluation 


iSingPOP Class Collective Worship - Friendship

Week 1 - What is Friendship

Friend's can support each other, work together and help each other out.

Friend's can be similar or very different to you.

Week 2 - How can we be a good friend?

Story of Ruth and Naomi

Do for other people what you want them to do for you.

Week 3 - Who should we be friends with?

Valuing people as they are, not having to change ourselves to fit in - diversity in our friendship groups.

Story of Jesus and His Disciples.

Week 4 - Why is friendship important?

What are the benefits that friendship can bring us?

Story of Paul and Timothy.

How do friendships make us happier, healthier, stronger and can even help us to achieve our goals.

Week 5 - Friends of Jesus / Extraordinary Friends

Jesus and Zacchaeus

How to be kind, loving and forgiving to others.

Who is your neighbour?

Week 6 - Friends of Jesus / Going above and Beyond 

The story of Lazarus.

It isn't about a big gesture in a single moment, but about making a lasting commitment to be there for someone, especially when they really need us.

Week 7 - Friends of Jesus / Nobody's perfect

Jesus' relationship with Judas Iscariot.

How should we react when we feel cross or disappointed with someone. 



For children starting school in September 2022 please call 01905 772138 to book a school tour.