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 Remembrance At St. Peter's

Thank you to many of our families who made our outdoor poppies for all to enjoy.


The School Council Representatives worked with the children in their classes to make a poppy wreath. During our time together on Friday 11th November, just before 11am, the School Council Representatives brought their wreaths to the front of the hall whilst we sang a Remembrance hymn together a whole school community. Mrs Castillo played Amazing Grace on the piano, and we took part in two minutes of silent reflection before singing the National Anthem together. 

Value of Service - Remembrance

Stained Glass Window - The Parable of the Two Houses

A group of children from across the school, worked with local artist Rosie Philpott to produce our new stained glass window for the front entrance of our school. It shows the Parable of the Two Houses. 

Easter Parade and Easter Service 

Thank you to Mrs Rean and Reverend Laura for delivering a memorable Easter service for the last day of term. It was such a pleasure to share time together as a school community in our church surrounded by beautiful Easter bonnets. Our JAM (Jesus and me) group of children did a great job of helping to deliver the service and our school choir also sang beautifully and had their moment to shine. It really was a lovely way to end a very busy term.

Website Treasure Hunt

Thank you to all our families who participated in the Website Treasure Hunt.  We hope that you have enjoyed finding out at little more about St. Peter, Collective Worship and our Vision and Values.  We had 265 entries and our winner was Millie from our Year 4 team. 

Collective Worship - Part 1

During Collective Worship today we introduced NOWS, OWS and WOWS to the children. 


We talked about how everyone is unique mainly because of the experiences that they have had throughout their lives.  Every experience makes them who they are, how they think, how they react, what they do and what they say. 



Every experience creates a crack in our life.  Everybody's bowl would look different because we have all experienced different things. 

These experiences make us think about ourselves, others around us, the beautiful world and if we choose to, our relationship with God. 


These experiences can be given a name to make it easier to talk about; NOWS, OWS and WOWS.


The examples we talked about were;

  • seeing your friends every morning and greeting each other

  • falling over and hurting yourself or helping someone

  • doing something that you couldn’t do before

  • your pet greeting you when you get home

  • feeling the sunshine on your skin

  • the smell of suntan lotion

  • seeing Christmas lights

  • Nannie and Grandad picking you up from School


NOW moments create very small cracks - but they are still very meaningful.



These are very sad times in your life, that create very big cracks. These experiences may change you a lot and make you do things very differently.  We normally need our family and friends to support us during these times. 



These moments are completely the opposite to OW moments.  They are the amazing times that do not happen every single day.  These moments make you feel amazing and make you stop and think.  They can change your lives just as much as an OW moment.  One person's WOW moment may be very different to another persons.


Examples we talked about;

  • an experience that does not happen often like swimming with dolphins
  • seeing a beautiful scene that takes your breath away
  • seeing something that has been made naturally - a spiders web or eggs that have been laid
  • meeting a baby brother or sister for the very first time
  • achieving something that you did not think was possible


For more information on NOWS, OWS and WOWS please click here

Year 3 JAM Quiz Collective Worship

At the end of the first half term we reflected as a school on what we have learnt through our Collective Worship.  Each class also evaluated what they liked about Collective Worship and gave suggestions on how to make it even better. 


One suggestion was to play more games like scratch because the children said it helped them to remember things in a fun way.  Year 3 JAM (Jesus and Me) planned an exciting Collective Worship full of different games which was shared with each class on Seesaw.  


Below are the four games that the JAM group created. 

Game 1 - Disappearing Symbols

Still image for this video
You will need to press pause after each slide to give yourself time to think.

Game 2 - Pictionary

Still image for this video

Game 3 - Mix and Match

Still image for this video
You will need to press pause after each slide to give yourself time to think.

Game 4 - Scratch

Still image for this video
You will need to press pause after each slide to give yourself time to think.

Christmas Message from Revd Laura

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Living out our Vision and Values

Our local community join our choir rehearsals to enjoy listening to our children's beautiful singing.


Love, Learn, Live